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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee is committed to making St. Elizabeth's a caring, supportive place for everyone. The Committee consists of parishioners who work at discerning and addressing the pastoral needs of the parish. Clergy and parishioners alike share in providing pastoral care at St. Elizabeth's.


If you or someone you know is physically unable to come to Church, temporarily (as in the case of hospitalization) or for a longer term, please call the Church Office to be sure that we know. The clergy visit all parishioners who are ill or homebound and regularly bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to attend Sunday services. If a member of St. Elizabeth's cannot come to Church, we will bring Church to them. Temporary or long-term infirmity should never separate us from full participation in the sacraments of the Church. The clergy are also available for pastoral counseling by appointment.


Hospital Visits
If you, or a friend, or member of your family goes to the hospital St. Elizabeth's clergy and lay chapalins will visit. It would be a great help to us if you or a friend or family member let us know when you are going to be in the hospital.


At-Home Visits
If you are at home but unable to come to church, we would very much like to bring communion to you. There is a special, and very brief, service for communion at home which uses bread and wine consecrated at a regular service at St. Elizabeth's. 


Senior Luncheons
Four times a year we organize a luncheon at the Church to bring together people who for a variety of reasons are often unable to attend on Sundays. If you would like to help prepare food or serve at these gatherings, call the Church Office at 201-444-2299 or e-mail the Church Office at


Lily Bearers: An Easter Tradition at St. Elizabeth’s
St. Elizabeth’s has a wonderful tradition of sharing with parishioners the lilies which have adorned the altar on Easter Sunday. Our eldest parishioners, as well as those parishioners who have lost a parent, spouse, son, or daughter in the past year, receive a lily as a way of extending our thoughts and prayers to them during the holiday season. Individuals or families sign up to serve as “Lily-bearers” who will deliver Easter lilies to these parishioners. 


Contact the parish office at for more information. 

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